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Investing in share market is so much riskier but these ‘ Smart ’ strategies can save you from making stupid mistakes. Here we are going to share the most effective strategies from different investing books. To catch you up, here are the most important book recommendations: If you like this article, consider purchasing the books mentioned above Take a look Investing is not as risky as you make it in popular books or The emails You re reading is fake. I received many emails like the one you’re reading now. They claim to be scam emails, telling me that the ‘DoorDash IPO’ is going to be successful and that I should buy stock in DoorDash as soon as it goes public. I’m a real estate investor. I’m warning you, these emails are almost all fakes, designed to make you invest in shit stocks. If you invest in these addresses and click on the links in the spam emails, you’ll lose a lot of money. These spams are designed to fool subscribers by showing them high-profile companies such as DoorDash, guaranteeing high gains and quick-money made. These websites and their affiliates create and sell billions of shares, and more, every day. I have a financial background, and once I heard software can predict 20% to 50% equity market performance based on the volume and price movements of the shares in an IPO within a few seconds. If you invest in these websites, don’t believe in a million to one chance of success and don’t click on the links from these ‘fake’ emails. Institutional investors like you and me are the biggest risk of investment frauds. It is mainly aimed to fool easy-to-infatuated subscribers. If you tend to invest more money than the normal customer, the dot com companies of this list will make money from you unexpectedly. Forwarded these emails? A newsletter written by Robinhood and endorsed by the founders of Shopify. It’s supposed to help small business owners increase their profits. The founders of Robinhood said: “Small business owners that respond to this email are more likely to invest and grow their business. It’s like magic.” But with small businesses, there are several factors that can affect their revenue and profit. For example, they may experience increased costs for rent or operating expenses. If they see an increase in monthly fee, it will make them even more hesitant to invest. In the start of 2021, many startups that are facing Shortsancing Correction could become huge by increasing their growth fast, and that’s when investors will be attracted to the emails.

Similarly to our real estate investing Lesson to learn from this lesson is  likelihood of profit in share market.  So you might ask we don’t teach this lesson in our courses so here it is for your see ending section.

Investing in share market is a bit risky for begginer but here we will discuss how to invest in share market with 20+ pro tips Make money with your content making people want to read/watch your posts, quote them, and share your great articles on social media networks. Once people start sharing your content using their infinite amount of connection and sharing buttons on their devices’, you can start receiving affiliate commission Each and everyone one of us needs to feel special at some stage in our lifetime. This is not the first time you are going through this situation of having to find a place fit for yourself and belonging. Find a niche subject on which you have expertise and can speak with heaviness about. What I like about niche subject is that it gives you a basis for designing your content and having a platform to display it on. This platform can be your blog, page, social media profile, LinkedIn profile, and so on and even through even app like messenger or Whatsapp. Did you know that there are 200 million personal finance bloggers in U.S. alone? This means that many people will know about niche subject from the womb itself but still not have a platform to display their post on. The platform is becoming more and more crucial in the profession of blogging. Niche subject makes you stand out from other bloggers or can help you establish your brand as a thought leader in your field. There are many blogger make a lot of money by choosing niche and this section will teach you how to make money with your chosen niche subject. With niche topic, you have no limits in what you can present about anything imaginable. I have rounded up just few content ideas for you below. Feel free to use these ideas in your blog posts, newsletters, or LinkedIn posts. Life lesson is about sharing your views, knowledge, experience, success or otherwise. Here, I want you to choose a keyword topic, plot your LinkedIn graph- some assistance needed perhaps, but let’s move forward. Remember, if you don’t know where to start with keyword choice then you can always search “writing content related to my niche” on Google. You can also connect with existing LinkedIn users on topic and see which topics they are posting about in their profile.

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